Saturday, December 29, 2007

Interesting "feature" on my web hosting provider

On December 7th I observed an issue with Blogger-based blogs and my hosting services provider, Nebula. I am using their Webhotel Pro -service, which is quite a nice set of services. After Dec 7th I couldn't post my Blogger-based blogs to a Nebula server. Hitting "Publish" -button resulted just...a timeout.

I observed that the server had rebooted just a short time ago and the SSH key had changed. Oh well, I thought that Blogger got confused as I use SFTP as transfer method. So I changed the publishing method to FTP and back to SFTP. No avail. Time to send a message to Nebula.

"Please send us your update address and we add it to the whitelist" was the answer.

W h a t ?!

It turned out that Nebula had blocked access to SSH/FTP interfaces of their hosted websites from outside Finland "from the beginning" (quote from Nebula's customer service email). They have whitelisted CMS sites like Blogger, but it seems something changed at the beginning of December.

Nice thing here is that Nebula hasn't documented this feature at all on their product documentation. This has to change. They updated the whitelisting for Blogger, but this doesn't help the whole problem.


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