Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nokia E90 - first experiences

My good ol' Nokia 9500 Communicator started to show signs of total disintegration a couple of months ago. The phone's mecanics can't handle normal wear & tear of biz-use more than two years. I've seen several 9500:s with plastic joints or cover broken. And I have repaired my phone's "phone-side" LCD twice. There seems to be an issue with fixtures of the said LCD.

Well, after a nerve-wrecking 1.5 month wait for the new E90, the new biz communicator arrived. I have now used the phone for about two weeks. I am not totally pleased.

Some features are quite annoying. For example:

No possilbility to set a timer on a profile change

I would like to be polite at meetings. With 9500 it was very convenient to set the Meeting -profile to change back to normal, say 10 mins after the scheduled meeting end time. Now this "timed profile" -feature is no longer available. I have already missed a couple of calls because of this.

Only one SMS or email message open at the same time

Now this is really annoying. In a busy situation I might want to work on multiple messages at the same time.

ESC and Alt -keys missing

I can't be not the only person using a Unix box with my E90 and PuTTY. Yes, I know that PuTTY binds the last sent "special character" to the green phone -key - but still..

If Nokia would know how many total system administration disasters have been saved with a Communicator and Symbian PuTTY, they'd have considered the removal of the very critical keys in UNIX system administration and editor usage.

Now some positive sides. It was about time to get 3G/HSDPA connectivity on board. WLAN functionality works a-ok. Browser is radically improved. But the last rant this time:

Battery capacity not acceptable

If the phone battery is not capable of providing enough juice for a full business day, we are back nearly 5-10 years on usability. Nokia's solution to provide a "battery-based battery charger" is really hilarious. They should have not scaled the physical dimensions of the phone down if this was to be the result.

If Nokia is to make a E90i I hope they'll boost the battery capacity at least 30%..


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