Sunday, January 20, 2008

Does it really make sense for finnish ISP:s to peer at Stockholm?

While debugging a website problem (not my own) I discovered an interesting rift among Nebula and Eunet(Elisa) IP peering. They don't want to talk to each other on finnish soil. See yourself:

3 ( 1.537 ms 1.571 ms 1.544 ms
4 ( 9.199 ms 8.853 ms 10.071 ms
5 ( 10.810 ms 8.677 ms 8.748 ms
6 ( 11.268 ms 8.686 ms 8.592 ms
7 ( 8.999 ms 8.928 ms 8.889 ms
8 ( 8.845 ms 9.069 ms 9.058 ms

When discussing this at a popular network people hangout IRC channel, I understood that
Eunet has offered substantial increases in their transit pricing. OK, I understand transit is a commercial game, but domestic peering at FICIX is another. I don't see the business logic for Eunet to peer with Nebula at Stockholm. It costs them money in their own international capacity to Stockholm, too.

When the breakup happened, there was some spectacular round-the-world paths visible. Here is one example.

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